Propane irrigation engines can provide farmers up to 50% savings over diesel. They deliver comparable power to electric options, with independence from the electrical grid.

Benefits of Propane Powered Irrigation


Farmers in the Propane Education & Research Council’s Propane Farm Incentive Program saw a 28% boost in overall performance.


Propane-powered engines cost 20-40% less to buy and run versus diesel engines, making propane an affordable option.


Propane irrigation engines cut greenhouse gas emissions by 20% versus gasoline engines and 11% compared to diesel engines.

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propane irrigation faq

Do propane-powered irrigation engines meet EPA standards?
Propane-fueled irrigation engines meet the EPA’s Clean Air Act Tier 4 emissions standards – all without compromising performance, power, or productivity.
How much propane do irrigation engines consume?
On average, propane-fueled farm technology like irrigation engines consumes 4,000-12,000 gallons per year.
How do propane engines compare to diesel models?
Most farmers save 40 percent or more compared with a diesel-fueled engine doing the same job. Compared with natural gas, a propane-powered engine provides 10 percent more horsepower per unit — that’s more power for your money.

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