During short harvest periods, operating efficiently is crucial for improving financial results. Propane provides flexible and powerful heating that dries and cures consistently. This allows you to complete post-harvest processes rapidly and precisely, benefiting your bottom line.


Cost Efficient

A key benefit of using propane to power grain dryers is its cost-effectiveness. Our knowledgeable Account Managers can develop a personalized plan and proposal that is tailored to meet your farm’s specific requirements and budget.

Energy Efficient

The latest propane grain dryers provide more uniform drying while using almost 50% less thermal energy.

Quality & Reliability

Drying grain with propane minimizes the crop’s vulnerability to weather and over-drying. This leads to improved grain quality and higher crop yields.

Choice Fuel

Using a clean-burning fuel such as propane prevents soot accumulation. This reduces maintenance requirements and creates a more eco-friendly operation.

Current Customer

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Crop Drying

The Majority of Farmers Choose Propane for Grain Drying. Here’s Why:

Over 80% of grain dryers run on propane because it offers major advantages:

  • Precision heating evenly dries grain and maximizes quality. Propane provides consistent BTUs for optimal results.
  • New propane dryers use 50% less energy than older models. Say goodbye to wasted thermal energy.
  • Propane removes moisture using just 1,650 BTUs per pound versus 3,500 BTUs for outdated dryers. That’s major efficiency.
  • By quickly drying grains with propane, farmers minimize exposure to weather and over-drying. This increases yields.
  • Propane is farmers’ #1 pick for reliability, efficiency, and eco-friendliness. It outperforms other fuel options.

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